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The Cluster meeting gathered representatives of 12 Capacity Building in the field of higher education (CBHE) curriculum development projects involving higher education institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The other stakeholders also took part as representatives of national authorities (Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of the Republika Srpska and Department of Education of the Government of the Brcko District).

The aim of the Cluster meeting was to assess the impact of the 12 selected CBHE projects on the higher education sector, public and private sector and the society at large, as well as to share experiences and provide some recommendations for the future.

At the rectorate of the University of Sarajevo, the National Erasmus+ office in BiH implemented the TAM ‘’Implementation of the Directive 2005/36/EC and the Directive 2013/55/EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina – administrative cooperation, IMI system, EPC’’. The workshop was related to issues and experiences of regulating the profession.