The Technical Assistance Missions (TAM) Effective, affordable and transparent accreditation of study programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina was successfully implemented online on April 21-22, 2021. The event was jointly organized by the Higher Education Reform Experts team in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the National Erasmus+ office in BiH. The host of the meeting was HERE Dzenan Omanović, Head of Department for Information and Cooperation, Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education in BiH. The visiting lecturer from the University of Split, Prof. Dr. Mile Dzelalija presented the EU approach in quality assurance at HEIs, Requirements for access to ENQA and EQAR, and Croatian experience in the accreditation of study programs. The event was successfully implemented, which is evident by the number of participants for two days and positive feedback received from the participants. It provided an opportunity for key local stakeholders to meet, learn and discuss key issues pertaining to the accreditation process of study programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The discussions were open and honest and serve as a basis for future dialogue on higher education reforms that will bring BiH closer to the European Union and the European Higher Education Area. The event also provided an opportunity for the participants to learn about the latest developments in the accreditation process and the importance of the ENQA and DEQAR membership.

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Click here for the presentation provided by the Prof. Dr. Mile Dzelalija from the University of Split

Click here for the presentation given by Mr. Benjamin Muhamedbegovic, HEA

Click here for the presentation given by Doc. dr. Biljana Vojvodic, HEAAR

TAM report on the Accreditation with recommendations