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The TAM organized on 21 and 22 April with the topic Effective, affordable, and transparent accreditation of study programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina has shown that Accreditation of study programs is still demanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially for the biggest higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina because they have so many licensed study programs. There were different approaches from attendees. One of the possible solutions proposed is random accreditation, the model used in Belgium. This model is based on the random selection of five study programs that will be accredited and the accreditation of these study programs is a mirror for a meet of requirements for all other study programs. There was a cluster approach proposed but attendees didn’t have an agreement how the cluster should look like. The cluster approach is also related to the development of the standard of qualification and occupational standard so that additional discussion and communication are needed. There was also a proposal that institutional accreditation should be done just for the first time and all other accreditation procedures should be related just to the accreditation of the study programs. The financing of the accreditation of study programs was raised also as an important issue because the whole process is paid from funds of HEIs.

Click here for the agenda of the event

Click here for the presentation provided by the Prof. Dr. Mile Dzelalija from the University of Split


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