The main objective of HERE seminar was to enable discussion on planning and design of doctoral programmes, structures to support the organization of doctoral studies, such as doctoral schools, funding of doctoral education, quality assurance in doctoral education and international collaboration and networks in doctoral education, as well as generally building research capacity.

Presentations as well as HERE report form seminar are available at the following link:

Prof.dr Melita Kovačević - uvodna 

Dr Srbijanka Turajlić - uvodna

Prof. dr Vedran Mornar - uvodna i mobilnost

Prof. dr Melita Kovačević - mobilnost

Dr Srbijanka Turajlić - mobilnost

Prof. dr Radovan Stojanović - Crna Gora

Prof. dr Nenad Zrnić - Srbija

Dr Jelena Starčević - Bosna i Hercegovina

Regional HERE Seminar ‘’A Magical Triangle of Higher Education: Funding – Research Capacity – Doctoral Education’’ Montenegro