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10-11 June, 2019
Technical University of Moldova, Moldova


The Technical University of Moldova, the Republic of Moldova, was a host of the HERE Seminar concerning recognition. Higher Education Reform Experts and National Erasmus+ Offices of EU partner countries, as well as different international and national institution and higher education institution, attended the Seminar.

The seminar focuses on recognition – specifically, an implication for cross-border higher education and mobility. The main reason for the organization of this Seminar was the fact that this topic is critically important because without understanding the mechanisms of recognition, no international mobility strategies can be considered realistic at a systematic or institutional level. Transparent and fair recognition procedures have become an inevitable part of educational policies in Europe. Moreover, since the 2015 Yerevan Ministerial Conference and adopted the revised ESG standards, recognition has become an important part of the accreditation process at a higher education institution, making the recognition as a part of education policies. The main conclusions from the Seminar would be: